Organisers & Planners Required

Thanks to Julia, Norman and Lisa for coming forward to officiate at the New Forest event on 8th October.

The list of events has been updated and we need more club members to take on the roles of organiser and planner. Please look at the list and see what you can do to help keep the sport going. Mentors will be available to assist or advise if required and there is lots of helpful information in the members area for additional guidance. 

Please contact the Fixtures Secretary if you are able to fill any of the roles.

SOC Saturday League 5 - Royal Victoria Country Park

Many thanks to you all for coming along and supporting the event. How many of you noticed the friendly robin who joined the download team in the marquee?

The overall SOC Saturday League results are available here.

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Results by Class with Colour Standards 234.06 KB

Wessex Night League Southampton results

Firstly thanks to all that came. A great turnout. Hope you all enjoyed your run and for those of you on a first visit to this part of Southampton were surprised and challenged by the variety and the tricky little areas, especially around the old city walls. Also a great pub and good food. Now the apology - sorry that control 117 was misplaced. Anyone who went to the correct fenced enclosure and haven't got that control included in their results please email me colin.soc.hicks(at)

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Results 219.08 KB
Results with controls visited 230.77 KB

Also I received some good comments on using a percentage magenta screen instead of the spec. olive green for settlement private areas. If anyone has any thoughts on this, particularly for night event urban maps, please email me as above. My intention is to put this up for discussion with the BO Map Group.

Had to rush off afterwards, but thanks, for an entertaining outing - medieval walls, towers etc. make a change from the usual suburban estates.