SOC Third in the Compass Sport Trophy Heats

Well done to all SOC members who turned out on Sunday to take part in the CST. We finished third behind BKO, winning on home turf and Sarum, who beat us by one point.

Congratulations to the thirteen thoroughbreds who scored towards our final points tally. They are, with their points:

David Currie,99, Andy Nash, 97, Lisa James, 96,Philip Eeles, 99, Julian Hartwell, 98, Jane Morgan, 100, Rachel Robertson, 92, Kevin Bracher, 98, Colin Hicks, 97, Terry Smith, 99, Emma Currie, 96, Mary Nixon, 92 and Barbara Davidson, 90.

Thanks to BKO for putting on a great event, to Andy McGregor for coordinating entries and to those who helped put up and dismantle the club tent.

SOC members also feature strongly and photogenically on the Flickr album to be found on the BKO website!


Below are the Team Results of the Compass Sport Trophy, (The Small Club Competition for clubs with a membership of 125 or less.), from Sunday 13th March at Rushall Woods.

Individual results can be found on the BKO website.

Hosts and winners, BKO fielded a total 45 runners. Second placed Sarum fielded 28 runners. SOC were Third and had 27 runners representing the club.

NWO were Forth with 22 runners and BADO with only 12 runners were Fifth.

Any number of runners may compete for a club however in the Trophy competition only 13 scores count towards the team score and  a maximum of two can score in each of the twelve categories.

However having more runners in each category does help a club to maximise their score as like in any sport misfortune can occur. A runner may make an navigational error or take a poor route that slows them down resulting in a slower run. There is also the possibility of a runner miss-punching or sustaining an injury, so having more runners in each category to cover any of these circumstances will help the team.

Then there is the added incentive for clubs to field as large a team as possible.

If a club can bunch several runners near the top of the leader board in each category they will prevent other teams from gaining points. An example of this can be seen in the table below.  The SOC runners in Blue Men had two scorers on 99 & 98 points and backed them up with two more runners earning 95 & 93 points thus preventing some of the other teams from scoring higher points.

So we can see that fielding a large team can benefit a club as does fielding runners in all 12 categories if possible as this gives a better chance of scoring high points totals.

Again this is shown below. BADO with it's small number of runners could not field runners in all the categories but had more than two runners in one category. This resulted in BADO only having 11 runners that counted towards their score.

The competition aims to rewards healthy clubs.

Clubs that have a good range of male and female members across the many age ranges.

Clubs that have a good team spirit with members wanting to represent their club.

Clubs that work hard to bring in new members to keep the population of the club vigorous.

Clubs that have good coaching opportunities for beginners and established orienteers to help everyone improve.

The SOC team was made up of members who wanted to run for the club, not necessarily our best orienteers. Although we did have a good number of our most reliable orienteers, on this occasion it was not enough for us to succeed in qualifying for the finals. Lets hope that next time we can encourage more club members to turn out and represent their club.

In the table below the Red scores are the scores that counted. The Blue scores are the total points in each category and the overall total.


Compass Sport Trophy   13th March Rushall Woods                    
Results: 1st BKO 1282 2nd Sarum 1254 3rd SOC 1253 4th NWO 1201 5th BADO 1041                    
Course Brown S. Brown Blue Women Blue Men Green Women Green Men Vets S. Green Green Junior Men S. Green Junior Women Orange M-14 Orange W-14 Super Vets S. Green   Total Score Total
BKO 96 100 195 0 98 100 197 100 198 198     BKO 1282 45
  96 100 98 91 98 100 100 100 100 100   98      
    95 97 90 96 90 97   98 98          
          91   94   94 96          
Sarum 198 98 199 92 99 193 191         184 Sarum 1254 28
  100 98 100 92 99 99 96         96      
  98   99     94 95         88      
  95         93 93         76      
SOC 99 97 96 197 192 195 189   96     92 SOC 1253 24
  99 97 96 99 100 98 99   96     92      
        98 92 97 90         90      
        95   96 89         86      
NWO 191 189 0 197 191 183 78         172 NWO 1201 22
  97 95   100 97 92 78         94      
  94 94   97 94 91 77         78      
    92   83 87 87 76                
BADO 0 192 95 190 188 95 181         100 BADO 1041 12
    99 95 96 95 95 98         100      
    93   94 93   83                






Jean Velecky

A celebration of Jean's life and funeral ceremony will be held at Hinton Park Woodland Burial Ground, Wyndham Road, Walkford, Hinton, Christchurch BH23 7EJ at 12.30pm on Tuesday 22nd March.

Anyone who would like to attend is requested to send an email to Alan so he has an idea of numbers: alan.velecky(at)

There will be an opportunity to offer reminiscences or speak in some other way at this ceremony.

I hope we can also prepare a tribute to go on the website and for publication in Compass Sport.

Didn't They Do Well?

The SOCSAT 21/22  season has come to an end; over 180 people took part and didn’t they do well!

We were very happy to welcome all sorts of participants from experienced orienteers to complete beginners. It was great to see so many newcomers taking part and they often gave our SOC members a run for their money.

I would like to say well done to all participants who took part, sometimes in the most atrocious of conditions, and still came back for more. And also a heartfelt thank you to our SOC volunteers who came along to help the events run smoothly.

We are now planning a season of MapRuns starting in April. In the meantime we are putting on a maprun on March 5th in Southampton. Come along to hone your route planning skills  or, if you are new to maprun, try it out, before the league begins in earnest. More details to follow.

Here are the SOCSAT 21/22 winners in the different categories:


  • Green Course: Duncan Currie
  • Light Green: Thomas Holme
  • Orange: Erin Adams
  • Yellow: Daniel Gunton
  • White: Miles Roberts

Senior Novice

  • Green: Paul Miller
  • Light Green: Paul Smith
  • Orange: Laura Rolland
  • Yellow: Jane and Matthew Holme
  • White: Joint winners, Virginie Remoriquet and Nuno Leite

Senior Experienced

  • Green course: Julian Hartwell
  • Light Green: Allan Farrington
  • Orange: Graeme Williams

All winners will receive a certificate, a box of chocolates, and a RaceSignup credit for their next SOC event. If you have not yet received your prize yet, please talk to us at your next SOC event or mail: helenamandaaa [at]