Shawford MapRun and Social

Things are hotting up in the summer MapRun League! BAOC's Andy Snell is currently topping the league table and with just today and tomorrow left to play, he's also winning at Helen's Kings Worthy event. With only three out of five events to count, it's all still to play for though! Today sees the release of the final event of the league and Rachel Robertson has set a tough one around Shawford Down and Compton. Thursday 9th September will be the social with a 6:30pm meet up at the car park at the bottom of Shawford Down and retiring to the Bridge Inn afterwards.

Thought I’d get out early for my attempt at the Shawford MapRun to beat the late summer heat. I know the area fairly well so chose my course as I started. Big mistake - I overestimated the distance that I could run over the hilly part of the course. I’ll sit down and plan another route to see if I can improve my score by running a shorter distance. Great fun though - discovered some very posh houses.