The November Classic - News Update

With six and a half weeks to go until the November Classic we are still waiting for confirmation of out of bounds areas and until we have those we can't actually say that the event can go ahead. But we do now have permission to hold the event and we have confirmation that Ocknell Campsite can be used for parking and the event centre.

Roger Pleasant is in the process of making final updates to the Slufters, Milkham and Broomy Bottom map and Bill Davidson has taped all the controls.

All this means that once we have confirmation of the OOB, we can quickly open entries and start preparing for the day.

All club members will be aware of how dependent we are on helpers to put on a successful Classic and every year you rise to the challenge and deliver an event that is enjoyed by so many orienteers.

So, please put the date in your diary - Sunday 7th November - and let me know if you have any preference for a job: peterjdavis [at] (subject: Classic%20Help)

Thanks in advance

Pete Davis