SOC MapRun League Final Results and Round up

Before Stoke Park WoodsWe have reached the end of the SOC MapRun League and it was great to see so many of you take part in the eight weeks of MapRuns. It was especially good to see some of you out at the socials in the later weeks. The League took us all over our area: to the old streets of Winchester, to secret patches of woodland and countryside: and to brand new housing estates. Full League results are available here.

We had 44 people take part in the League with an amazingly high proportion of 28 orienteers doing the five& MapRuns to score. There was also great dedication from 14 people who did all eight MapRuns in the League! 

After Stoke Park WoodsWell done to Nick Jarvis for winning the League with five wins from eight. Dave Currie gave Nick some close battles but ultimately finished second and Rob Finch was third (there may be some organisers' benefit!) Karen French was first woman and finished 7th overall with her scores improving as the League progressed. Christine Currie just nipped ahead of Rowena Naile with her 5th scoring run. Erin and Ben Adams included the first junior in the results with Duncan Currie close behind. 

The MapRuns will stay live so if you have missed any or all the weeks, you can still have a go. You could also repeat a week, choose a different route, and see if you can improve! They are all linked from the League webpage.

Thanks to the following for planning courses and their willingness to help: Pete, Helen, Rob (and for coordinating), Dave (and for extensive MapRun technical sorting), Steve, Pete (again), Steve (again), and Mark.

Any volunteers for planning us a MapRun course, then do robertfinch615 [at] (get in touch)! If people volunteer, there will be another League! Plus we are open to any feedback or improvements.

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped in organising and planning the Maprun league. I really enjoyed it all (even the ones where I got a bit lost!) and found the variety of maps and map scales really good for practice.