SOC Wessex Night League event and league update

Reminder it is the first SOC event this decade tomorrow Monday 6th Jan 2020 in the WNL series at The Gregg School and Chartwell Green. This area has not been used since Summer Series 2013 and is a first for the WNL. See fixtures for details.

In the WNL two events took place prior to and during the holiday season. The current league situation is attached and various comments for the events also appended. The BAOC event in Winchester results are on the BAOC website, including a PDF of the optimum route.

The Brighton race summary is provided by Gavin Clegg:
What a race is Brighton. If you haven’t been before then do put it on your bucket list. Every year it’s just as much fun. The basic principle is a mass start night race through Brighton and often on the prom or in the lanes, (shopping alleyways full or shoppers and revellers!). If that wasn’t enough this year they gave us a train ride to the start in Hove then ran us back into Brighton. Then as another twist, gave us ‘control choice’ in a couple of places: for example, between control 10 to 12 there were two control 11’s. You could go to either 11, entirely up to you. This certainly added to the post-race analysis. On the night results can be found here.

In the Open League Rob and Alan F didn’t make Brighton, Dan and Alan B moved 4 and 27 points closer in their absence. Becca had tonsillitis (get well soon Becca) so didn’t run which allowed Jo, with an excellent run on the night, only just missing the podium, to move above her. Mike Frizzell, one of only two ‘ever presents’ (with Dan) moved up 90 points. Main mover though is Nick Jarvis, up 7 places to 9th with still one score to come. Dark Horse Lawrence Shaw is also up 7 places to 23rd with two scores to come.

In the Handicap Chris Branford, as predicted, has moved up 8 places to 2nd. Mike Frizzell although gaining 117 points slips back one place. Jo Pickering is up 3 to 4th and first lady. Gavin has moved up 12 places to 8th with the best handicap score on the night and with one score still to come will be well placed come the end of the series. Julie Astin in 12th and Carolyn Dent in 22nd also scored well in Brighton and will be there or thereabouts.


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