WNL Brockenhurst Final Details


The map is 10k A4 non standard old type street map (same as the Romsey map spec). It is available on MapRun, UK, Southampton, WNL Brockenhurst Score P60 PZ. Or by using this link https://p.fne.com.au/openevent/?id=18834&auth=72162. The Pin code and the paper map will be given at the start. The map has 3 figure control numbers only and they indicate the points values by the first figure 1 = 10 points eg 131, 2 = 20 points eg 235, 3 = 30 points eg 318, 4 = 40 points eg 407, and 5 = 50 points eg 524. There are 24 controls, and a small training kite will be hung at each site. Recommend cross trainers as there are some muddy paths on the edge of the forest, depending on your route choice.


SOCSAT League Results after 3 Events now available

Click on the SOC Saturday Series banner above to find league table results. Don't worry if you have done different courses, we can give you an accumulated score at the end of the league.