SOC Jackets

We are excited, for the first time, to be able to offer members the chance to own a club jacket and we hope to see lots of you wearing them at events. This will help identify SOC members and promote club identity.

The club will subsidise the cost. And there is a twist to this – the purchase cost decreases with the size of the order, so the more members who order jackets the lower the actual cost to the club.

It is not intended to hold stock and a repeat order could well be more expensive, so this is your best chance to secure a jacket at these prices. And who wouldn’t want a jacket on their Christmas wish list? (Even if delivery is in January).


A big thank you to all those club members who responded to the request for help to choose a design.

Drawing on experience, views from other clubs and cost, we chose to go with Scimitar who came up with 5 design options based around the current club running top.

As ever, with such a choice, we are never going to please everyone but, from the scores given and comments made, one design (D) has been selected. For the design see document A.

This is a sublimated softshell jacket, fleece-backed, with 3 zip pockets and Velcro tab cuffs, windproof (but not waterproof).

In case you are interested, members who voted either loved or hated A, the one with the swirls; the second option (B) had the same score as A but was regarded as bland/boring, the third (C) had too much white and the fifth (E) with red shoulders had the least votes. D had the highest score and the most positive comments. For details of survey responses see document B.


Adult sizes: £45

Youth sizes: £37

For size guide see document C.

Please email your order to dianasmith291 [at] (dianasmith291(at), saying who it is for, whether you want men’s, women’s or youth style and the size.

Please place your order by the evening of Sunday 28th November.

The club will pay the supplier - you pay the club when you receive your jacket.

Delivery is expected mid January.



Attachment Size
A - jacket design.pdf 44.21 KB
B - survey responses.pdf 60.67 KB
C - size guide.pdf 733 KB

Event Officials Required

We urgently need an experienced Organiser and an experienced Planner for our proposed level C event on 6th February 2022 at Acres Down in the New Forest.

Also required for events at local level are:-

Organisers for Wessex Night League on 13th Jan and 10th Feb and Planner for 10th Feb (Farley Mount and RVCP respectively).

Organiser and Planner for 10th April (Farley Mount).

Please contact Fixtures Secretary if you are able to fulfil any of these roles.


A Little More Help Needed for Fleming Park

We have quite a few helpers lined up to help at our third SOCSAT event on Saturday 27th November but could just do with two or three more people. If you can help, please contact me on helenamandaaa [at]

Thank You