Matley Heath results

The results are available on here

And the lovely Routegadget is here

Jacky Pett did not clear at the Start control. I've guessed at a 10 minute leg to control 1.



Thank you to all who took part, helped on the day, mentored (Colin) and organised (Julian) for making this such an enjoyable event to plan. The results suggest the Blue in particular was a challenging course. In hindsight a few of the controls and sites could have been more generous, especially on a map which is showing its age, but I think most people had an enjoyable run.

Matley Heath's history as a WW1 training site can be seen in the trenches and bomb craters on the map. For those who are interested, brief histories can be found at and, at the risk of self-publicity, here:

I hope you enjoyed a run in the Forest.
I wanted to keep the organisation as light as possible and off site computing was part of that but another time I’d probably use the battery operated equipment to provide printouts. 
Thanks to Marcus for some challenging courses and to Colin and Pete for support.

Thanks to you all for a nice run a round Matley Heath. Marcus, thanks for the BBC Sounds programme on the army training on Matley Heath. It was also interesting to read about the messenger dog school.