Results for Summer Series RVCP

Planner on the Day Report:

Thank you all for coming to the RVCP event. We hope you liked the mix of terrain that the area provides, and that you enjoyed the event. We could have used an Odds & Evens rule for the experienced orienteers but sometimes it is a nice change to be able to bag all the controls inside the time limit. We look forward to seeing you again at our next event.

I stood in on the day for Kieran Devine who planned the event but could not be there on the day.

Kevin Bracher


Organiser's report:

I would like to echo Kevin's comments and thank all the volunteers without whose contribution these events couldn't happen.

The forecast heatwave didn't materialise but the cooler conditions made for nice running conditions and some excellent times.

Thanks again for coming.

Terry Sankey


Results adjustment: Lucy Cope was incorrectly assigned to the easy course. Corrected results published on 27/04/2018.

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