Results for Summer Series - Itchen Valley Country Park

We hope you enjoyed the first of the 2019 Summer Series. Thanks to Kevin and his merry band of helpers. Also a big thanks to Melanie, the park warden for allowing us to use the room and the park.


Thank you to all who came and ran, a great start to the Wessex Summer Series. We were grateful for the use of the room for registration as the strong winds would have made using a tent difficult.

Many thanks to all the SOC helpers and to IVCP for their help.

I asked participants not to cross any fences in the park. This request made so we did not upset the Park Staff and compromise use of the venue in future. So it was a shame that some participants felt the need to climb the fence between 10 & 6. Times show that it was possible to get all the controls by running round!

As I  was using the Permanent Orienteering Course maps I could not put an Uncross-able  purple line on the fences.


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Thanks to you and all SOC staff. A great re-introduction to the sport after some 40 (or 35 if you include a brief foray in the mid 80s) years. Thoroughly enjoyed it.