Sunset and Beyond relay 2019 Results

Organisers comments - Colin Hicks
Peartree Green and Woolston was the location for the second running of the Sunset and Beyond Relay. 
As last year we had 9 teams competing, this year however, clubs struggled to get competitive teams and had to borrow runners from each other in order to create sensible teams. Most of the "borrowing" occurred between WIM and BADO, but even SOC wasn't exempt, in having a guest from BKO. BADO also had one runner doing 2 legs. All that said the teams all seemed to enjoy the event and its format.
Competitors were surprised in the difficulty of Peatree Green and the small difficult pockets of woodland in Jurds Lake and Mayfield Park on the long legs at night.
So with 5 competitive teams WSX Raiders retained the trophy by 50 minutes with a close race between SN and BKO for 2nd and third, with SN prevailing by just over 5 minutes after 5 and a half hours.
I have learnt more about this event and next year will use mass starts on subsequent legs earlier in order to keep the event moving.
So now to the thanks to the SOC volunteers, Anya Crocker for planning, and Philip Cooper WIM for controlling. A small band of SOC helpers all of which were vital in contributing to the success of the event, they were Julia Loring, Mary Nixon, Norman Wilson, Terry Sankey, Andy Nash and Kevin Bracher. Unseen by the event thanks to Terry Smith and David Currie in producing event software for entry, team declaration, download and results. Also to mention and thanks to Anya'a parents DEE who manned the map exchange on legs 1 and 6.
Thanks also to Up and Running who provided the race bibs.

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Planners comments - Anya Crocker

Thank you to everyone who came to the Sunset and Beyond relays. I hope you enjoyed your runs despite the challenging weather conditions towards the end! Peartree Green is a fiddly area in daylight so can provide a real challenge in darkness, with the controls in the southern parks also designed to provide a test after several long route choice legs across Woolston.

Many thanks to Colin for not only organising a complex event but also providing map updates, and to Philip for providing helpful advice and support to an inexperienced planner. Thanks also to Terry and Norman for their help putting out controls under time pressure (due to circumstances outside our control). I’m also very grateful to the rest of the volunteers who stepped in to help wherever they were needed, especially my parents who travelled 200 miles to help at their second orienteering event of the day!


The whole event was done by a small team dedicated to your enjoyment!!

The awful weather meant that there was less running in the light, and in the dark with no moon and steady drizzle the contrast with the well lit urban streets made the park legs that much harder. The loss of the Church Hall adjacent to the start meant there was a less cosy feel to assembly area.

Peartree Green has recently become a Local Nature Reserve. A keen band of supporters do regular ‘gardening’ to keep the brambles down and encourage the local flora and fauna. This means frequent map updates but nicer terrain. It looks easy but is deceptively tough especially in the dark. The Friends are keen that the Green should be used as much as possible and even mentioned the event on their pages:

Please come back for next year – hopefully on a Saturday closer to the clock change to give more daylight. We are hoping to move to West Wood and Netley with the Event Centre in the Function Room of the Dancing Goose Pub. What more can you ask for?