Map Special




Thu 21st Jan 2021



We will have a focus on maps with some interesting international maps. We all love maps, right? Tamsin Moran will be the main host as she takes us orienteering around the world (from the comfort of our lounges).


Rob Finch

Natalie provided this feedback after the social:

"The SOC zoom meetings have been a welcome addition to my locked down evenings in! Each meeting has a structured activity or discussion, from favourite Christmas present to a debate on the physical side verses the intellectual side of orienteering. I particularly enjoyed the evening on maps, in which Tamsin showed us how different orienteering terrain can be in far flung places, and Rob tested us on what you are allowed to run through or over on your way to the next control. We had discussions over the best routes to take and why. There’s always time for informal chat too, and I’ve found the meetings a valuable opportunity to get to know people – something there isn’t always time for at orienteering events."