Sir Ian Diamond becomes UK National Statistician

Those of you in SOC around 30 years ago (and I know there are a good number of you!) will remember Ian Diamond, who has since had a very successful career in academia. In 2013 Ian got knighted for services to social statistics, in tribute to which Colin Hicks published an amusing bio.

However, even if Ian's orienteering wasn't always in the top percentile, he's continued to do better than average professionally and has now been appointed as the UK's National Statistician, effectively the most senior statistician in government.

However, Ian isn't the first former SOC member to attain that status, as Tim Holt filled a similar role in the 1990s. The probability of that occurring by chance seems so low that I can only conclude that the mental challenge of navigating around the New Forest must sharpen the statistical brain!

Well done Sir Ian!