MapRun back catalogue

If you're still in a position to be able to get out and exercise and looking to prevent your navigation skills from atrophying over the coming weeks and months then, if there's one local to you, why not run, or re-run, one of SOC's back catalogue of MapRun courses? We've added a list on the website at, with the PDF map for each course available to download. If you have the mobile app then it will notify you when you're in the right place for each control and will upload your route and time for comparison with others.

If you have any questions, or would be interested in create a new course (linear or score) in your own area, then drop me an webmaster [at] (email).

Also, remember that the club has a number of permanent courses available. In particular, I'd highlight that, if you live near Lakeside Country Park (Eastleigh), the map is available for download from British Orienteering for free so there's no requirement for human contact!



Thanks for this, David.

We are off round Romsey this morning but plan to work through the whole back catalogue!




SOC are through to the finals of CS Trophy on Sunday 18th October!

A group of hardy SOC member travelled up to Cranham near Gloucester today to take part in the heats of the Compass Sport Trophy.The conditions were hard with steep slopes and persistent rain to contend with but we nonetheless managed to come in the top two teams of the Compass Sport Trophy, with 1244 points just behind Wimborne with 1250.

Congratulations to all team members. They are (followed by their score):

David Currie, 95, Julian Hartwell, 88, Philip Eeles, 97 Ian Moran,93 Mike Goldthorpe,90, Christine Currie,100, Jane Morgan,99, Anya Crocker, 98, Marcus White,89, Peter Smith, 87, Mark Light,85 Lisa James,100, Rachel Robertson,92, Jes Dickin,94, Kevin Bracher, 84, Colin Hicks, 79, Barry Sowerbutts, 68, Bill Davidson, 79, Helen Wheelwright, 71, Sam White, 98, Duncan Currie, 96, Emma Currie, 96, Mary Nixon, 94, Barbara Davidson, 90.

Commiserations to those who didn't make it due to illness or injury.

So now we can look forward to trip up to Sutton Coldfield on Sunday 18th October. Please put the date in your diary as we will hope to field a good strong team. More news on this later.


Best Wishes


Helen Wheelwright



Great running everyone, some big scores! Sorry I couldn't make it, have put the 18th October in my diary already.

Well done team . . . I've put 18th October on my calendar!

The 3rd running of The Sunset and Beyond Relay

This year's event on Saturday 28th March 2020 adds a new class. There will be the opportunity to have an all male handicap team, following representations from some clubs that they cannot find females to complete their team. So this year a second trophy will be awarded. The main event is still the mixed handicap relay, but the second class will add to the event.
The event will be held from the Dancing Goose Pub in Netley with a mass start at 5pm. There will be a Google Forms registration facility available on the website. The handicap system will also be posted.